Raise Our Sunken Ship

by Weikie

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Written and recorded across 2011/12 in a flat astride a Strip Club, Casino, and twenty four hour loading bay.

Released on May the 7th 2012, the anniversary of the sinking of the Lusitania.

There are many hands and voices that led me here. Here are but a few.

I'd like to thank my parents and family for their love. Joe Williams for putting up with me. Rebekah Whitlam for her undying faith and love. Natalie Walter for her constant friendship and support. Tom Morris, Sophie Green, Michael Love, Thom Corah and others for getting me here and giving me the confidence to do music and finally start singing at the age of 24, and being my best of friends along the journey. Jeremy Boughton, Nick Hill, Andrew Hugill, and John Richards for inspiring, teaching, supporting, and encouraging me despite my failings. Stuart and Jenni Alexander for making the World a brighter place. Anthony Hopkins for all the free Beer and kind words, and everyone else who I see from week to week. Without the kindness of others I would have wilted away long ago.


released May 7, 2012

Adam Weikert : Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Percussion, Double Bass, Mandolin, Recorder, Piano, Musical Saw

Sophie Green : Violin, Backing Vocals (The One that got away)

Nicole Robson : Cello (Brooch)

Dave Dhonau : Cello (Raise Our Sunken Ship)

Nick Zala : Pedal Steel (Little Brother)

Mixed, Recorded and Mastered* by Adam Weikert

*Tracks 1 and 3 remastered by Tom Dodds

Artwork by the superb Miss Anna Henderson



all rights reserved



Weikie Leicester, UK

Nature abhors a vacuum.

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Track Name: Raise Our Sunken Ship
There's a fire in the hull
there's no getting out of this one
The cracken clenched his fist
never made it out alive
a thousand souls or more
upon a coral shore
tears in the brine
are often hard to find

Raise our sunken ship
I've got people to be
and places to see
the FTSE will fall
the end of us all
relies on me

Raise our sunken ship
this women's with child
the father must know
it's barely got got eyes
to wittness demise
and currents that flow

There's no second chances
under these seas
the last thing through your iris
was a hue of regrett

Raise our sunken ship
the cathode ray
has little to say
what little I've done
the nothing becomes
my everything

Raise our sunken ship
how can I die
when my heart resides
somewhere inland
to a girl I once loved
and who once loved me?

There's no second chances
under these seas
you're bludgeoned by the bedrock
in the mid atlantic rift
there's no second chances
As the plates fuse overhead
and I'll sleep amoungst the authors
and hope to find you there

because all you left were questions
naunced by your wake
the sound of your voice
I pray I don't forget
and the bottle in your hand
well it dies with you
and I'd pour these pills away
for just another minute with you.
Track Name: I am the Tin Man
I am the tin man
my arms are of lead
with wool for my heart
and your fingers on the thread

I am the tin man
and this heart beats a weave
a black and tangled mess
from whenever you leave

the further that you get
the more it will unfurl
because I am the Tin Man
and you were my girl

and I weep until I rust
and try to carry on
but the cry of my joints
is our threnody song

I walked until the morning
as I followed the sun
because I am the Tin Man
and I am undone

I strayed to the forest
just to see what I would see
but the animals were frightened
and they ran away from me

I came to a village
where the children they did scream
because I am the Tin Man
and I am obscene

I held out my arms
but they held out a gun
and they said battles must be fought
and wars they must be won

they tore off my limbs
and they smelted me down
pressed me into bullets
and they shipped me out of town

I am the tin man
and I'm fighting in your war
but it wasn't me that started it
and i don't know what it's for

I fly through the air
and into you skin
and it's all you remember
from all we could had been

I am the Tin Man
but what is there left
you took apart my body
and gave away my best

I am the Tin Man
and my heart beats a weave
you took what you wanted
you look and then you leave.
Track Name: The One that got away
You remembered my name
and wrote your digits on my palm
but I ran nervous sweat
and these hands they regret
and now you're just a pen smudge on my arm

You'll wondered why I never called
because true love never waits to fall
it happens in an instant
comes crashing through your door
and makes you wonder what I'm waiting for

and maybe you moved on
but I don't want to write that song
because I saw the perfect dress for you
and a place where we could live
and a thousand other things that I could give

so I walk the streets
of the places that we met
looking for your face
or for a second chance
but all i find are couples and regrett

You found man and he's ok
you're getting older by the day
they'll put you out a pastour
so carpe diem
and with every kiss you move further away

But I always dressed may best
with every day like the rest
Waiting for a train
I didn't know had left
on a platform empty, with a hole in my chest

Now you've changed your name
cutting off the final vein
Like a number in a phone book
the calling cards aflame
and now you're just a tumour in my brain

Now there's nothing left
of what there used to be
Eleven digits wasted
lost somewhere in the fold
I'll drink a death, you get happy and grow old

because I never moved on
what good is second best
when she couldn't do the things you could
or at least that's what i'll say
because you'll always be the one that got away
you'll always be the one that got away
Track Name: Little Brother
Never choose a window over open doors
you never know how far you'll fall
never sew seed
in the middle of winter

never eat a wind fall apple
if one happens upon your way
because what's easy for you
is easy for him

Never leave a penny in a broken glass
because a penny is a poor mans will
and the blood on his hands
will mark you still

Never teach a Lion that it's something it's not
it's only gonna last so long
Because a Lions heart
is always a Lions

Oh little brother
the things that i have seen
well I hope you twain will never meet
and the grass is always green
Oh little brother
It doesn't all seem real
my friends are dying in my arms
I hope you never find out, just how that feels

Never fall in love on a second date
Because your heart's too quick and your brain's too late
Never Tear a doc leaf
that you don't need

never take a rifle that you haven't made
the fights not yours and it's not your spade
to dig with
get out of that hole

Oh little brother
the things that I have seen
well I hope you twain will never meet
and the grass is always green
Oh little brother
It doesn't all seem real
my friends are dying in my arms
I hope you never find out, just how that feels

Oh little brother
I can only say so much
you'll have to find your own way
but I hope you keep in touch
Track Name: Cadasil
These nights draw quicker than the last
and words clot thicker than the past

Shuffling chairs upon the deck
I'm making up the numbers now

I wish I had something to say
I wish I had something to say

Black ice teeth into the night
a clipped sedge bound and out of flight

Lost touch and slowly lost the line
blame cadasil, empty will, god, then covet equine

I wish I had something to say
I wish I had something to say
I wish I had something to give
I wish I had something to give

We're not getting younger
we're not getting younger.
Track Name: Decus et Tutamen
Father said you cut yourself today
when'd you go and get that way?
Mother says you're running out of town
I really miss you

Father says these bills are still unpaid
now he's just the bearer of the spade
mother says look what you've done to us
and throws the dirt down

I will take this penny from you
and throw it in the well

Father says you never seem to call
ripped the socket from the wall
mother says you're hiding in the earth
I sure hope so

Saw you turning tricks to reddest light
promise that that ghost will sleep tonight
bit my tongue against our fathers grace
Jesus Christ I miss you

But I will take these pennies from you
and put them on your eyes.
Track Name: Halcyon
As I cast your ashes to the sea
I hope the tide
The tide will bring you back
and put you back together again

Your powders and your iodene
the psirens burning down from the bathroom shelf
well i guess I'll never understand
and i guess I'll never hold your hand again

the kids they never seem to write
but i know they're doing well
I know they're doing well

but forgot your name again today
I didn't mean you harm
everything just starts to slip away

There's blood inside the bathroom sink
I prey to god it's mine.

The doctor says it's operable
I guess that's what you'd want
but you're not here

Can't get about the house these days
so they put me in a home
but it's no home
without you near

Every memory falls aways the only thing that lingers is the pain
I don't know what's worse inside, the cancer or the carcinogen

Can barely lift a finger now
can barely tell its there
but they say i'm doing well
well how can they tell

I miss the things like waking up
and walking out the door
just walking out that door
out that door.

Remind me how that saying goes, if you love someone enough to let them go
and hanging from a saline drip, I'm killing time and keeping death in tow

Just let me go
just let me go.
Track Name: A Smile is not a Forecast for a day
There's a sunshine in my veins that's bleeding out
like a gutter in the summer of a drought
there's rumours that it's dying but I'm not sure it was alive
Can I keep you for myself until I'm sure?

There's a sun bleached vignette sat upon a sill
I can barely make it's memory out, oh well
A spider takes her home with her and settles on the breeze
While we tie ourselves to abstract Geographies

There's an apple in the attic of her eye
a stowaway of love that slowly dies
the best of times the worst of times, I find it hard to tell
A City's not a compass or a Well

There's ataxia in the patterns on the wall
I'm pasting up the corners but they'll fall
I'm sorry if your sentiment got list inside the fray
A smile is not a forecast for a day
Track Name: Big Fish in the little Sea
Big fish in the little sea
I know you never noticed me
but left my tributary behind
with my heart to fortune find

Now I'm older I can see
happiness abandon me
I can't love but I can weld
a fickle heart can little tell

I told my mother I would write
but I'd ink the blood and not the fight
and tarried to my circumstance
I never stood a fighting chance

Big fish in the little Sea
won't you leave some out for me?
My hour's long as long as yours
but you are rich and I am poor

I'm slaking on the Lethe now
just one last time beneath the bow
I will sink and you will swim
I will lose and you will win

some get silver some get gold
some are lucky getting old
you get richer I'll get grief
yet you're the king and i'm the thief

Big fish i did what you said
but still i can't afford the bread
you left me in the open sea
my hunger it surrounded me

Big fish I'm not doing well
I can see the gates of hell
won't you help me back upstream
where air was good, and water clean

I can't be held responsible
for what you say and do
but if you pass that buck along the line
I'm happy for a dollar or two

Big fish am i going to die?
This salts too much for such a fry
turn your back and I'll rope my head
Ixtab take me to my bed
Track Name: Brooch
I saw you in your sunday best
with that look upon your eyes
well set them up and knock them down
the points before the prize

Your body's in the river now

The flashing lights and calling cards
the perfume in the air
the stranger's foot depress the rug
where someone else was there

Your body's in the river now

The Polaroids and nitrate seals
the F stop where I end
The spaces in our parlance dear
Where you say we should be friends

your body's in the river now
your body's in the river now
your body's in the river now
your body's in the river

Your concrete brogues
and ruptured lobes
but it's not enough
it's not enough
the acid bath
the chalk line graph
the dentin crack
and don't look back
with quicklime thumbs
and doused in rum
an unstuck match
splints and thatch
I'll roll your corpse
I'll roll your corpse down
into the ground
Track Name: Rope
The boarders shut forever
and the markets fell to spoil
from the pith into the earth
the world turned to rot

She found you in the bike sheds
head tilted from the fall
staring at the loose paints
that coats your children's walls

well I guess you won't be needing them
I guess you won't be needing them
I guess you won't be needing them

The summer on my back
as leaves fracture the sun
shining light where there once was a one

and staring at east
my hands began to quake
as the bell began a herald its mistake

and I didn't know your face
and I didn't know your face
and I didn't know your face
from my own

and I didn't know your tears
how could I know your tears?
I didn't know your tears
what's to come.

Physics stopped it's toying
and the air refused to move
repose where days had chose to hold their breath

I couldn't hear a heartbeat
or the siren on the hill
the only thing you left me
was the still

and the patterns on my eyelids
the patterns on my eyelids
the patterns on my eyelids
you are gone

and I should have cut you down
I should have cut you down
I should have cut you down
just to know you could still fall

but blue rope is strong
blue rope is strong
blue rope is strong
blue rope is strong

and if blue rope can hold you head
then blue rope can hold my heart.